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one: that one massive project of mine, a mix and exposition for an original project so I can get it out of the way and shoved into a To Write Much Later folder. the only constant (being change), a monster squad mix.

two: we should talk about The Eagle, I feel. and write awesome fic for it! you guys, there is a kink meme! it is tiny, and you all know my hang-ups with porn (I project my privacy issues EVERYWHERE), but I am hopeful that there will also be awesome fic that is not in fact all about the sex! I want more book verse Esca/Marcus/Cottia fic! I want more movie verse Esca/Marcus fic, and how eventually they meet up with Cottia and maybe they all head into the far wilderness somewhere else and are awesome forever? I DUNNO. I JUST WANT FIC. CAN THERE BE FIC. Can we talk about how much fun this movie is and how utterly gay it was and how I am already vidding it? (It is totally just a draft until I get actually decent source. Yes.) and how apparently there needs to be road warriors post-apocalyptic AU fic?

be_themoon: I want a better world. By me. (DW: Amy: we are not birds)
First genderswap meme response up here: Golden Age Pevensies & Queen Cassia, picspam & accompanying fic. Yes, that is a new community. I wanted someplace to dump things that wasn't my personal journal. More genderswap replies coming later for: Supernatural, Merlin, Downton Abbey & White Collar.

and now for the Awesome Ladies meme!

the list:

1. Susan Pevensie (Narnia)
2. Keladry of Mindelan (Protector of the Small)
3. Jesse Flores (T:SCC)
4. Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
5. Nikita (Nikita)
6. Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)
7. Anastasia "Dee" Dualla (Battlestar Galactica)
8. Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)
9. Anna Milton (Supernatural)
10. Diana Barrigan (White Collar)
11. Kono Kalakaua (Hawaii Five-0)
12. Holland Donaghue (OC)
13. River Song (Doctor Who)
14. Jenny Lewis (Primeval)
15. Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)

(do you know how hard this was to narrow down? I wanted to put EVERYONE on there. I switched names in and out for probably half an hour before settling on this. SO MANY LADIES.)

and responses!

11 responses. ) 

and that one meme with your WIP titles. I don't really have a WIP folder, just a writing one, but let's see what I've got in there. 

I have got to finish some of this stuff. )


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